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Al Heba is an Egyptian business committed to serve the needs of the fresh fruit export industry. It was founded in 1987.

By focusing on two major activities, Market Information and Quality Control & Tractability, Al Heba has helped to make more profitable the international fruit trade, mainly for Southern Hemisphere exporters.

Al Heba relies on a solid team of professionals, a vast network of international contacts, offices in nine of the world's most important fruit ports and a home office in Egypt. It has more than 50 clients and inspects about 60 million cases of fruit each year from a dozen different countries

Its long history and numerous contacts in the international fresh fruit business have given Al Heba a profound knowledge of logistical and trade issues. With this background - so highly valued by the most important traders in the industry - Al Heba invites you to Discover the Value of the Experience.


Egyptian Grapes
Egyptian Grabes enjoy a good reputation abroad :
Egyptian grapes are already making a good impression abroad. Industry acclaimed British magazine Freshproduce ran more than an article on this season's Egyptian grapes market.
Green Beans
Modified Atmosphere Packaging ensures fresh green beans sea freight :
Egyptian fresh produce exporters are increasingly turning toward sea freight since air freight has lately faced some problems like insufficient trips, scarcity of cargo spaces and high costs.

WE specialized in exporting all the items of fresh fruits, vegetables & food stuffs.
The average annual total amount of exporting transaction is around 4500 Tons by air shipping and 5000 Tons of Land & Sea Shipping all the year around.

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